Music Flamenco Joven'17

Flamenco Joven'17

A showcase of young flamenco singers, guitar players and dancers

There are two pivotal moments in the life of an artist, those that mark their first and last steps, their beginnings and their final moments. Maturity clearly brings the creative and interpretative experience necessary to perfectly measure a work of art, the capacity for synthesis, the authority of the words and the message and the proximity, in short, of the artistic excellence. The beginnings, however, translate into other huge and essential benefits, those that sprout from freshness and ambition, from the courage and boldness it takes to set off on new paths and experiences with no safety net, the irrevocable determination to talk about life through culture. Young talent still needs support and visibility, something that translates at the Conde Duque Cultural Centre into one of its most recognizable and relevant programmatic lines as a public cultural centre, which belongs to the Madrid City Council, its commitment to young artists is not a mere obligation, it is a duty.

Under these premises was born Flamenco Joven (Young Flamenco), a season that supports and defends up-and-coming flamenco singers, guitar players and dancers under the age of 30, and, in what is one of its perhaps less noticeable expressions nowadays, flamenco as a right.

Flamenco Joven: necessary and mandatory art. You are invited to discover the “duende”, the passion that is to come.

From 20 to 23
  September  2017

Music, Dance