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Encuentros con lo sutil

Developing consciousness to improve our lives

The aim of the Encuentros con lo sutil (Encounters with Subtlety) series is to promote cultural, scientific and artistic discourse on the human curiosity for developing consciousness. The series explores the cross-sectional relationship between several disciplines (psychology, science, philosophy, anthropology, technology, art among others), presenting them through diverse dissemination formats (interviews, talks, discussions, conferences, screenings, concerts, workshops, etc.). For the general public, the inquisitive and researchers, Encuentros con lo sutil has become a reference point for alternative culture in Madrid.

This initiative, first launched in December 2012, has attracted a considerable following, with more than 10,000 people attending the fifty-four events it has organised so far. Researchers, artists, therapists and master/experts from a range of traditions across the world, including Claudio Naranjo, Arrabal, Pio Vucetich, Clara Janés, Dr. Ramón Cacabelos, Graciela Figueroa, Ana María Schluter, Pedro de Casso and Sheikh Hassan Dyck, feature among the leading participants over the years.

Javier Esteban, the series curator, is a writer with a Master’s in psychoanalysis, specialising in dream integration, and a professor at Camilo José Cela University.

A growing community has signed up to Encuentros con lo sutil, who link up through the blog www.encuentrosconlosutil.com

From 01  December  2012 to 31  December  2017

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Practical Info

Free entry with an invitation downloaded from the website (via the link accompanying the information on each activity)
Last-minute entry
If you are unable to obtain a ticket because they have sold out, it is still possible to attend the event, entering after all ticket holders have entered. Entry is permitted until the venue is full


Detailed information about the activities will be available soon.