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Madrid es Moda en Conde Duque

Conde Duque Cultural Centre celebrates fashion week

This year’s edition of Madrid es Moda (Madrid is Fashion) in Conde Duque Cultural Centre proposes a new, really unique approach to this industry, combining different formats and always paying special attention to the creations of young designers and the relationship between the present and the future of Spanish fashion.

The cycle, which coincides with the celebration of Fashion Week Madrid, includes as one of its main activities an urban parade sponsored by Madrid Capital de Moda (Madrid Fashion Capital), a programme by Madrid City Council, which will showcase designs by students of Madrid’s Higher Centre for Fashion Design of the UPM. It will also be possible to visit the exhibition En construcción (Under construction), which delves into the creative process of this discipline and sparks a dialogue about design between members of the Asociación Creadores de Moda de España (an organisation made up of fashion designers from all over Spain) and their students; these dialogues will come to life in a talk between two representatives of this intergenerational exchange during Viernes visten Canas, an initiative by Madrid is Fashion and mYm0. The programme is rounded off by an exhibition of fashion magazine covers from the 1920s, organized in collaboration with the Hemeroteca Municipal, and specialized workshops for professional entrepreneurs in the field of fashion, led by Madrid Fashion Capital in association with Fashionbiz2.0.

If culture is the mirror in which life looks at itself, fashion would be its nearest, most direct and sophisticated image; an explicit creative manifestation that in Conde Duque Cultural Centre is always understood as a cultural expression.

From 08 to 26
  September  2017

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