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War Photojournalists

The most global generation of Hispanic photojournalists, in an exhibition that takes an experiential approach.

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War Photojournalists

From 13  November  2015 to 31  January  2016

Location: Room 1

Tue–Sat, 10–14h
and 17:30–21h
Sun and Fest, 10:30–14h

The most global generation of Hispanic photojournalists, in an exhibition that takes an experiential approach.

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“A new world “disorder” began after September 11th. Since then we have seen the emergence of the most global generation of Hispanic photojournalists in our history,” says Ramiro Villapadierna, who reported on the revolutions and conflicts in Central Europe and the Balkans and currently directs the Instituto Cervantes in Prague. The institute was the birthplace of UPFRONT, an exhibition produced and funded by Spanish Cooperation through the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation, in partnership with Conde Duque Cultural Centre. The exhibition brings together the work of some twenty prestigious male and female photographers who cross closed borders, step into armed conflict, enter places people are fleeing and leave their stamp on the front pages of the world’s press, garnering awards and acclaim in the field of global journalism.

These 23 professionals share a questioning outlook and a language. They report on the wounds of the world and on current events, from Afghanistan to Haiti, from Siria to the Congo, from Libia to Central America. With fewer resources and more exposure than ever before, uncertain of their futures but not of their roles, some of them have been kidnapped, lived in isolation, faced hunger… but they have also achieved recognition including Pulitzers and World Press Photo awards.

Villapadierna, the exhibition’s curator, says UPFRONT opens a door to the public, revealing one of today’s riskiest and most treacherous trades, in addition to recognising these professionals who go off to work alone, armed only with the clothes on their backs and their determination, not knowing how or when they will return. UPFRONT is also a tribute to the late Miguel Gil, one of Spain’s most international reporters, who died while carrying out his job.

UPFRONT features 74 images, 3 videos, a soundtrack, a book and a poem. The exhibition, however, is not merely visual in nature. In the curator’s own words, “it has been designed to take an experiential approach, with the aim of reproducing the feelings or situations that the journalists experience on a habitual basis.” Visitors are received in a cold and dark room, where they are disoriented for a few minutes while surrounded by large images hanging from an imperceptible ceiling…